Round one: Alright, let’s do this. Jabs from both, Bradley with a couple nice body shots as Manny comes in. Manny liking the left straight to the body. Bradley doing good work with his jab. Bradley moves forward and lands well to the body. Manny’s big left not connecting. There we go, now it lands, though Bradley seems okay. There’s another. A third. Nothing seemed to bother Bradley, but I think he stole the round. 10-9 Pacquiao. Round two: Bradley looking to counter off the left straight. Nice left from Pacquiao seems to get to Bradley. They tie up and Bradley digs away. Both men land a left. Sneaky jab from Pacquiao. Slower pace in the second half. Bradley bulls forward with punches and lasts a few before a left from Bradley makes him disengage. Bradley with his hands low trying to goad Pacquiao. Nice left from Bradley at the end. Announcers talking up Pacquiao’s punches, but aside from that one in the beginning, they didn’t seem to get to Bradley. 19-19. Round three: Nice little combo inside from Bradley. Nice left from Manny. More chiseling work from Bradley inside. Another solid left from Manny. Another. Good exchange. Thudding body blow from Bradley answered by a glancing left. Nice flurry from Bradley answered by another left. BIG coutner from Bradley lands, but Manny smacks him with a left. Crazy exchange in the last few seconds. Great fight. 29-28 Pacquiao. Round four: Mr. Tim Bradley’s trainer, sir? Tim is not “dominating his ass.” Doing well, though. Nice body

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