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TAPPS 5A State Baseball Championship Game – St. Pius X Panthers vs St. Thomas Eagles 2-12-12 Brought to you by Legacy Sports Network! “Like” us on facebook www.facebook.com

www.UniversalSports.com 2011, Tokyo, Japan, FIG Gymnastics World Championship, Maroney (USA) had the highest combined score of 15.300, she was the only one to score over 15. (Watch the full event at UniversalSports.com)

In level eight of the #KobeSystem, Kobe teaches Lebron James to continue to be humble until he wins multiple championships.

An idea conceived of by Cenk Uygur finally came to fruition, and it is on TYTSports. Cenk has had many a discussions with co-workers and friend regarding how one would categorize certain athletes. Is Player X a loser? Is Player Y a winner? Ben Mankiewicz, Cenk Uygur, Rick Strom, Jayar Jackson, Dave Koller and Michael Shure make their points in Part 1 of our 3 part series.

Can sports figures be broken down into Winners and Losers? TYTSports continues their discussion from Part 1, which you can see below. Our panelists are Jayar Jackson, Cenk Uygur, Ben Mankiewicz, Rick Strom, Dave Koller and Michael Shure.

An epic tribute and build up to the June 9 title fight between Manny ‘Pacman’ Pacquiao (54-4-38KO-2) and Timothy ‘Desert Storm’ Bradley (29-0-12KO-1NC) Video eventually leads to their great fight and shocking conclusion shortly after. Early reports suggest that the fight is candidate for fight of the year. With that said, It could also qualify as Robbery/Screwjob/Controversy of the year just as well. Personally I feel the result of this fight was a major low blow to the sport of boxing. Why Timmy was given the nod over Manny and not Marquez just puzzles me. Call It Karma call it anything you want. But don’t call it a Bradley victory coz it sure as hell wasn’t. Whether or not it was bad judging or controversy, most people around the world know who really won this fight. As a matter of fact most including myself are saying this fight wasn’t even close. I give some credit to Bradley for taking some good shots from Manny but he didn’t win the fight. So to cap off, I will say this… Manny Pacquiao beat Timothy Bradley that night but could not beat the 3 judges who scored it. I know it’s been awhile since my last video but have been heaps busy with other commitments. Would like to thank everyone for the continued support. I will be back soon with more =) As per usual please feel free to rate, comment, share, and or subscribe Let us know what you think in regards to the fight below in the comments section and where you think each fighter should go from here. I’m actually one of

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