Champ Deiveson Figueiredo gets back to BJJ

[gym chatter]


>> Everybody knows the Diazes.

They’re junkyard dogs.

They come to fight regardless.

That’s how they roll.

Let me tell you
Nate will be facing,

for the first time, a
genuine welterweight.

>> Good.
>> That’s right, champ.

>> Who’s strong, got power,
can knock him out.

He can handle
Nate on the ground,

whether it’s wrestling,
whether it’s jits.

Leon matches him in
every department.

If all the fighters we
train had his mentality,

we’d have a gym full
of champions, bro.


>> Monday before
the fight, you know.

Get a good sweat on tonight.

We’ll go over the game plan.

Just keep refreshing in
the brain, you know.

So when it’s time to
fight, it’s just automatic.

I think for me this was
one of my main goals,

you know, to win the
world title for Britain.

I know Michael Bisping
did it before,

but he did it living in
the States, you know.

My aim is to
capture the world title

to show the kids
coming under me

that nothing can
stay where you are.

Hard work and good team,
you can achieve it.

After I beat Nate
Saturday night,

I’ll get my world
title shot this year.


[bell ringing]

[music on radio]


>> It’s not a bad thing.

>> I am feel good.


>> I feel like a
billion dollars.

>> I feel like a
billion dollars.

>> This thing is like,

it’s to train your
lungs and your diaphragm,

and breathing harder.

It’s pretty experimental
still to be honest,

but it just made sense
because you’re really working.

I’m sweating when I
to do this thing.

It’s not easy at all.

He’s my friend.

He just got out of one of
the most famous like–

probably the biggest like
a reality show in Italy.

Right, he’s my longtime friend.

The only reality
show that is cool

because like you go out there

and they can have like
50 grams of rice per day.

Kind of like survival stuff.

>> There we go.

Most important thing of all.

Italian flag.

Let’s put it in here.

We’re ready to rumble.

Three years ago we fought
there in the same arena

and now I have the
chance to go there

and make the wrong right
once for all, you know.

He’s gonna be running
out of [bleep] time.

In that case, he already know.

We’re the best in the world.

The last time I still
think I won the fight

but it was a close fight.

I let the judges decide for me.

I wish with all my heart.

He comes in and
he brings a fight.

But if not, I’m going
to bring the fight,

like I always do.

Let’s go.

>> Oh, hi, I didn’t
see you there.

Just doing a little
morning routine

before I get on camera
for an hour and a half.

[bleep] real nice eyelashes.

Natural too.

>> [bleep] are you
even talking about.

>> Probably Usher.

Damn it. Do it again.

Take two, take two. Ready.

Usher, baby.
Money. Ooh.

Damn, it’s the other way.

Ready, take three, take three.

Usher, baby.

Damn it!

You get the gist. [bleep].

>> We are four days out.

Went to Arizona, Phoenix.

Same hotel I think where
I was three years ago.

And yeah, man.

We’re gonna write
history right this time.

Once for all,
show who’s the best.

I just can’t wait to
[bleep] this dude up, man.

I just can’t wait.
I just can’t wait.

The more time it goes and
the more it gets closer,

the more I get like
hunger to destroy this guy.

>> The only way to
do is just to kinda

soak in as much of
the American culture

as we possibly can.

See this, we’re definitely
going to go to baseball

and watch the Diamondbacks.

We don’t have a lot
of sports in the UK

so it’s predominately football

and if you’re lucky,
rugby where I come from.

So experiencing all the
sports you guys got to offer

is a great opportunity for us.

Oh, my man, thanks very much.

I appreciate it, man.

Have a nice day.

Thanks a lot.
>> Take care.

>> 27, the lucky number.

Craig 27.

Hey people again! Nice.

>> Yeah, right?

In Mexico we have like
albums to collect cards.

Like stickers, and
put in the albums.

So, this very famous
in Mexico.

You know, this is
another dream come true

to be part of, you know.

I have a card, man.

Come on.

>> How’s it going?

>> So, exactly six months is
the last fight, you know.

I think advantage of
the– go six months.

[singing in Spanish]

My first press conference,
the ceremonial weigh-ins.

I’m excited actually, you know,

but what happened is

the other guy started
talking [bleep] about me.

Will be my first time.

Like I don’t know
if it will be angry

or like I don’t care.

I don’t know.

My Brazilian people–
my Brazilian friends.



>> Back again.

>> Where’s my belt?

>> What belt?

You got a Gucci belt, don’t you.

>> No, no belt yet.

>> Yeah, you should get one.

>> Yeah, I’m
getting yours, my friend.

>> I’m not your friend.

[dramatic theme music]


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