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Mitch Vargas 

Good night Madrid, good night Spain We love you all so much Spartans, which is your profession?… AU! AU! AU! Well now, i want to thank to every people who are here, every people who are in their home and every people who supported us in the world cup Your strength has arrived to us and here you have this world cup In Special, before talking of the players: These gentlemen who are here, to make easier our job The merit of this cup is also yours also ours With the 1. the 20th May from 1981 is born a Saint in Mostoles Stops a penalty to Paraguay in Quarter final Stops all in Semifinal against Germany Stops to Robben with the foot in the Final Stops to Robben with the hand in the Final IKER CASILLAS!! With the 2. The friend of famous…he looks for pins like mad He loves Blackberry and his breath stinks RAUL ALBIOL With the 3. The friend of the “farandula” the “dandy” of Spain, the central defender of the world GERARD PIQUE!! The 4. The “bat” of Spain 55… 55 matches invictus No one can do it, the father CARLOS MARCHENA !! With the 5. The head of Spain. Thanks to him we went to the Final with his head and his ‘Tarzan hair’ from Africa. The man who eats shinbone CARLOS PUYOL!! With the 6. Sweet Sweet Iniesta the man who wrote the final script the man who the whole Spain love ANDRES INIESTA!! The 7. The goal of Spain, the goal of Spain has a name, the “guaje” DAVID VILLA!! The 8. The Baton For there, for here, I steal it now, I give it now. XAVI HERNANDEZ The 9. All

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