It was raining ultra heavy, i was headed to film a 70th b-day party in Capitola, CA The cops turned me away right before you go down a hill & into the village. The great Capitola flood of 2011, i pulled over and videotaped great footage of life threatening, dangerous, amazing flash flood gushing down hill, before smashing right into the village of Capitola, California. The Capitola river was overflowing. When I got back in the car I felt like I’d just taken an exhilarating but cold 15 minute shower, I was drenched but I loved every second! 🙂 march 26, 2011Please comment and rate this Video, we’d LOVE to hear what you’ve got to say Please Also check out Hennflix’s other videos and please SUBSCRIBE if you like our videos. *Chris Hennessy (Hennflix) takes himself and his audience to places most only dream of visiting. I plan on introducing several of the most unique, crazy, creative & hilarious videos EVER seen on YouTube! Subscribe now, follow my Journey… All Flix written, produced & directed by Hennflix Chris Hennessy Producer-Director-Interviewer-Host Custom Video Connection 408-267-3012 a- Professional Videos: San Jose Video Production & broadcasting multi-media for Companies, Corporations & Organizations and their video-Media Marketing Efforts; b- Chris’s personal videos: Stupid funny videos of me being me, a dorky idiot goofball, making others look even dumber & funnier 🙂 LOL c- Funny cute videos of Hannah, my beautiful baby, and her adventures

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