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Mitch Vargas 

Part 1 of 2. Watch in high definition! Classic Game Room HD reviews MLB ’09 THE SHOW for Playstation 3! This PS3 exclusive baseball game is about as realistic as you can get without actually joining the minor leagues (or major leagues). This Classic Game Room review of MLB 09 THE SHOW has gameplay footage from Playstation 3 PS3 of this baseball video game being played in HD. Watch as CGRHD plays the Pittsburgh Pirates and guides them through several losing games at a wonderfully recreated PNC Park in Pittsburgh. Play as any team in Major League Baseball or teams in AA and AAA Minor Leagues. Graphically this game is tough to beat and stands out as one of the best looking games ever made. Fenway Park, the new Yankee Stadium and PNC Park explode off the screen with detail and realism. Surround sound engulfs the player with stadium like effects, crowd noise, cheers and jeers. The players look real, the outfits are awesome and you can even play as Babe Ruth, Ty Cobb and a bunch of other famous players from the golden and silver era of baseball. While Classic Game Room admits the show rarely plays sports games this one was hard to pass up because of the solid technical achievement and attention to detail. MLB 09 THE SHOW is a winner and a must play for fans of major or minor league baseball. Want to see the Mudcats face off against the Bost Red Socks, or the Beavers play the New York Yankees? Well, here you go… GO PIRATES! CGR reviews PS3 games like MLB 09 the SHOW because

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