As seen on SportsNation on 12/15/11! Chad in equipment dances every day during warm ups. I am a student employee in the video department and along with the other student staff, we filmed his amazing, Michael Jackson-esque dance moves every day while the team was stretching. **There is music playing during the stretch period. Chad is not just randomly dancing.** Once the video was completed, the video staff and I showed Chad and the other equipment staff. The video has been uploaded twice. One is uploaded by the equipment staff and one is uploaded by me and the other video staff. Chad was at first a little embarrassed but is now loving the positive feedback of his dance moves. Filming credit goes to the student video staff at MU and the editing and putting together of this video goes to the Director of Video Operations. Tweeted by: @Buccigross (John Buccigross-ESPN) @JayBilas (Jay Bilas-ESPN) @MNewhouse74 (Marshall Newhouse-Green Bay Packers) @TCrabtree (Tom Crabtree- Green Bay Packers) @CFD22 (Charles Davis- NFL on Fox) @PatMcAffeeShow Follow me on Twitter: Follow Chad Stylez on Twitter: “Like” Chad Stylez on Facebook: As seen on:

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