This is the #7 of my soft armor tests in regards to testing out some ballistic panels I received from a fellow youtuber, Sweetbeard: Test Gun: FNH FiveSeveN, 4.75″ Barrel Distance: Approx 10 feet Temp: 93*F Humidity: 36% Dew Point: 62F Baro: 29.89 Ballisitc Vest is made by First Choice Armor. NIJ certified as Level IIIA. Manufacture 6/05. Clay and or Water jugs were used directly behind the vest panel as a compressible media. Bullet Fired: FNH SS198LF, 28gr JHP Results: Bullet was stopped by the 19-20th layer of the level IIIA panel, and left a sizable indentation of the clay Camera: iPhone4 Edited with: Adobe Premiere Elements 10

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