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This is #9 of my soft armor tests in regards to testing out some ballistic panels I received from a fellow youtuber, Sweetbeard: www.youtube.com Test Gun: FNH FiveSeveN, 4.75″ Barrel Distance: Approx 10 feet Temp: 93*F Humidity: 36% Dew Point: 62F Baro: 29.89 Ballisitc Vest is made by First Choice Armor. NIJ certified as Level IIIA. Manufacture 6/05. Clay and or Water jugs were used directly behind the vest panel as a compressible media. This video includes two tests. Bullet Fired: FNH SS190AP FMJ. 31 gr projectile with a steel penetrator tip. identified by black painted tip Results: Test #1 Bullet completely penetrated TWO, panels, and passed into the clay. The book behind the clay shows some damage, but the bullet was foud stuck to the right side of the entrance hole in the clay. I wonder if the bullet bounced back after hitting the book Test #2: Bullet penetrated THREE panels, entered and exited the water jug, and glanced off of the book on the side, and bullet was not located. Camera: iPhone4 Edited with: Adobe Premiere Elements 10

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