UFC 267 marks the promotion’s return to Abu Dhabi


>> Narrator: The UFC’s decade
long collaboration

with Abu Dhabi,

has been rewarding
to say the least.

>> Mike Goldberg: It is great
to be here in the Middle East!

We have a great night of fights!

We are outdoors for
the first time ever,

on Yas Island in Abu Dhabi.

The UFC just gets
bigger and better!

>> Jon Anik: Abu Dhabi,

home to some of the most
beautiful architecture.

>> Dominick Cruz: We got a lot
of new shows coming up out here

and these guys are
hosting very well.

>> Narrator: But it was the
creation of Fight Island,

that made this
partnership truly special.

>> John Gooden: UFC Fight
Island has become

a sporting landmark,

delivering top UFC action
with the beautiful backdrop

of Yas Island.

>> Narrator: With our
world in disarray,

now iconic destination
provided a safe haven

for the sport’s biggest
stars to do their work.

>> Paul Felder: There is
something about being

here that is different!

>> Michael Bisping: The
fights have delivered

every single time.

>> Felder: These guys lay it
on the line when we are

here in Abu Dhabi.

>> Bisping: Look at this,
crazy place.

[commentators]: Oh!

>> Felder: Holy!
>> Ref: Stop! Stop! Stop!

>> Gooden: It’s another

>> Felder: Are you kidding me!
>> Gooden:..for Khamzat Chimaev!

>> Narrator: With
names like Kamaru Usman…

>> Anik: Kamaru Usman
at his suffocating best.

>> Narrator: …
Israel Adesanya.

>> Felder: Oh!

>> Anik: That is it!

Quick night at the office
for the champion,

Israel Adesanya!

>> Narrator: And
Khabib Nurmagomedov.

>> Daniel Cormier: He’s tapping!

>> Anik: The Eagle rises again!

>> Narrator: Earning
wins inside the Du Forum.

>> Anik: Still undisputed!

>> Narrator: Before
the brand new Etihad Arena…

>> Anik: This remarkable nation
has once again rolled

out the red carpet for
the MMA leader!

>> Narrator: … hosted
an installment

of the Dustin Poirier versus
Conor McGregor saga,

with fans in attendance.

[commentators]: Oh!

>> Anik: Dustin Poirier has
knocked out Conor McGregor!

>> Narrator: And
on October 30th,

the promotion returns
with a stacked card.

>> Anik: Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.!

Oh, let’s go!

>> Narrator: Surging lightweight
and Khabib Nurmagomedov protege,

Islam Makhachev…

>> Anik: Wow!
>> Joe Rogan: Oh, that’s it!

>> Anik: Islam Makhachev!

>> Cormier: The
guy can do it all.

>> Narrator: …
takes on one of New Zealand’s

top finishers, Dan Hooker.

>> Anik: The Hangman does
it again!

>> Narrator: 2020’s
undefeated breakthrough star,

Khamzat Chimaev…

>> Anik: One and done!

You got to be kidding me!

>> Narrator: … makes his
long waited return

against China’s most
prolific knockout artist,

Li Jingliang.

>> Anik: How about The Leech!

>> Narrator: All topped by a
championship double header.

>> Anik: Two UFC
championship showdowns.

>> Narrator: UFC light
heavyweight king,

Jan Blachowicz,

travels back to
where he first won the belt…

>> Felder: Oh!

>> Anik: Jan Blachowicz has
done it!

He is the undisputed UFC
light heavyweight champion!

>> Narrator: For a headlining
title defense,

against the finishing machine…

>> Joe: He has the
wealth of confidence!

He has won by knockout!

Won by submission!

>> Narrator: …former
challenger, Glover Teixeira.

>> Anik: There it is!

Five in a row, Glover Teixeira!

He’s the number one contender!

>> Narrator: In the co-main
event, former bantamweight

champion, Petr Yan…

>> Joe: This guy smashes
everybody you put

in front of him.

He is a mean dude.

>> Cormier: Oh, my goodness!

>> Anik:
Head-kick from Petr Yan!

>> Narrator: Faces top five
finisher, Cory Sandhagen.

>> Joe: Cory Sandhagen has been
nothing short of sensational.

>> Narrator: …
for the interim 135 pound belt.

>> Cormier: Oh!

>> Oh, my goodness!

>> I’m coming for that belt!

>> Narrator: But first…

[motorcycle engine revving]

>> Narrator: … get ready…

>> Keep it mean,
that’s what I’m saying.


>> Narrator: … for UFC 267…

>> Man: Nice work.


Let’s go!

>> Trainer: Speed! Speed! Speed!

Yes, brother, let’s
work, let’s work.

Finish strong, strong!

>> Narrator: … Countdown.

There are only two U.S. cities

with a higher
percentage of Brazilians

than Danbury, Connecticut.

In more than 20 years after
he first arrived,

UFC light heavyweight
Glover Teixeira,

can finally call himself an
American citizen.

>> Woman: This is the video.

Do you remember that?

>> Oh, yeah I remember that.

>> It’s like the
special agencies.

That’s when they called you up.

>> Teixeira: Oh.

>> Woman: It’s like the moment
we’ve been waiting for,

for how many years?

You look so cute.



>> Teixeira: The
citizen interview,

the guy did ask me like,

“How are you going
to support yourself

in the United States?”

And I say, “Fighting, I’m a
professional fighter

and I want to be in the UFC and
I want to be world champion.”

[instrumental music]

>> Teixeira: I had always
dreamed to be an athlete

when I was a kid,

but the opportunity didn’t come
for me at the time in Brazil.

I moved to the United States

and that’s why I start
with the martial arts.

>> Ring announcer:
Here is Glover Teixeira!

>> Commentator: Teixeira
diving for the single.

>> Different commentator: And
as expected,

Teixeira wants to take this to
the mat quickly and he does.

>> Teixeira: I was ready to
fight in the UFC and you know,

I got held up by
the Visa situation.

>> Commentator: He’s pounding,
there is some leather landing.

Teixeira in total
control of this fight.

>> Teixeira: I thought it was
going to be easy,

because half of my friends they
got married and they got

the green card
in five months.

>> Commentator:
Right hand rocks him!

>> We were happy, we
got married after 2001,

so they changed the law.

>> Commentator: Oh, the left
hand shakes him.

>> Different commentator: He
goes down.

>> Had to go back to Brazil
and do other process again.

It was a crazy nightmare.

[speaking Portuguese]

>> I went to Brazil,
stayed there for three

and a half years,
fighting everywhere.

>> Ring announcer:
Glover Teixeira!

speaking Portuguese]

>> Teixeira: UFC lawyered and
they hooked us up.

speaking Portuguese]

>> Teixeira: Passed over here,

with the paperwork.

You know, the whole
thing was a crazy nightmare.

It was a point in my life that I
was thinking like,

“Maybe it’s not meant to be.”

speaking Portuguese]

>> After five years,

I got the situation
done, I got my green card.

I came in 2012, I did
my first fight in MGM.

>> Mike Goldberg: Glover
Teixeira steps

on to the big stage tonight,

as he makes his UFC debut.

>> Joe: For six years, this man
had Visa problems and couldn’t

get a fight in the
United States,

but finally he’s here

and he’s much needed in a weight
class that’s absolutely being

dominated by the
great Jon Jones.

Oh! Big, big, uppercut.

Arm triangle!

>> Mike: Trying to
finish it right here.

>> Joe; He’s going to tap.

>> Mike: Squeezing
for the submission!

>> Ref: Stop!

>> Mike: Just an overwhelming
performance here in his debut.

>> Bruce Buffer:
Glover Teixeira!

>> Narrator: A return
to competition on U.S. soil…

>> Mike: Boom, right back down.

>> Joe: Big takedown.

Oh, big shots by Glover!

>> Mike: This is trouble.

>> Joe: Oh!

>> Narrator: … saw Teixeira
dominate the UFC’s

best at 205 pounds.

>> Joe: Glover Teixeira
is the real deal.

This dude is an animal!

Rampage is in big trouble, Mike.

>> Mike: Yeah, you can tell.

Again, Teixeira all over him.

>> Joe: He dropped
him, he dropped him!

>> Narrator: Extending his
professional win streak to 20.

>> Joe: Arm in guillotine here.

He’s so
well-rounded, he can do it all.

He’s an animal!

>> Anik: Down goes Bader!

Glover Teixeira
dusts Ryan Bader!

>> Narrator: And earning him a
title shot against the great,

Jon Jones.

>> Joe: And he believes
that he has the power

to put the champion away.

Hard kick to the body by Glover.

Glover caught with with a
good left and a good right.

And a right hand to
the face by Glover.

Head kick.

>> Mike: Good elbow and another.

>> Joe: He’s
trying to get that arm.

>> Teixeira: Jon Jones got me in
a lock right in the beginning

of the round.

>> Mike: Oh.

>> Joe: Nasty
shots inside by Jon.

>> Popped by labrum.

>> Joe: Glover in the corner,
was asking for ice on his

shoulder and he was saying
that his shoulder hurts.

>> You know, couldn’t punch
anymore with the right hand.

>> Joe: Hard elbow,
Glover might be hurt!

>> And throwing his elbow
open, I have a gash on my head.

>> Joe: That is a big, nasty
cut over the eyebrow

of Glover Teixeira.

>> I just wanted to knock him
out and become a champion,

but Jon Jones is very smart.

>> Joe: Glover is just looking
to throw bombs and Jon has been

able to slide away
from most of them.

>> He played all
the rounds good.

It was not the time then.

>> Buffer: And…

still the undisputed

UFC light heavyweight champion

of the world!

Jon “Bones” Jones!

>> Narrator: Following his
hard fought victory over

Glover Teixeira,

Jon Jones would spend the
next half decade,

dominating light heavyweights…

>> Anik: Jones trying
to press the issue here!

>> Joe: That’s it! He’s out.
He’s out.

>> Anik: Jon Jones has done it!

Gustafsson in a
world of trouble here!

Violent takedown from Jones!

>> Felder: Oh, man!

>> Narrator: … until leaving
the division in 2020.

>> Anik: So a new era will be
ushered in as Dominick Reyes

and Jan Blachowicz collide for
the title of undisputed UFC

light heavyweight champion.

>> Felder: Jon Jones has reigned
over this division for so long,

this opportunity is not lost on
them, they know how big this is.

>> Narrator: Opening the door
for top 205’ers,

Dominick Reyes and
Jan Blachowicz,

to battle for the
vacate crown.

[motorcycle engine revving]

>> Narrator: For Blachowicz,

the journey to a UFC title belt,

began at a Polish crossroad.

[engine revving]

>> Jan:

[engine revving]

>> Jan:

>> Narrator: It turns
out that Blachowicz

was tailored
made for martial arts.

[trainer speaking Polish]

>> Narrator: On the
Polish circuit…

[speaking Polish]

>> Narrator: … he earned
multiple titles in jiu-jitsu,

Muay Thai, and mma…

before trademarking his
greatest attribute in the UFC.

>> Gooden: It’s great to
have top Polish

and European light heavyweight,

Jan Blachowicz
finally make his UFC debut.

>> Dan Hardy: Ooh!

This could be it, this
could be the end of the fight!

>> Ref: Stop, stop, stop!

>> Gooden: Jan Blachowicz
announces his arrival inside

the Octagon with a massive
roar from the Polish crowd.

>> Hardy: Jan’s going
to the rear naked choke!

And he gets the tap!

>> Gooden: Gets a
standing guillotine!

>> Hardy: Wow!

>> Joe: This guy
is a real animal.

His striking is very high level.

He has an
outstanding ground game.

>> Gooden: Submission
victory for Jan Blachowicz!


>> Anik: Oh!

Huge left from Blachowicz!

Rockhold’s out!

Jan Blachowicz!

>> Joe: Boy, that was
a bomb that he landed!

That is a picture perfect left
hand to the chin on the break.

>> Brendan Fitzgerald: Oh,
big right!

Polish power!

>> Cormier: He can
shut your lights out.

He lands and they go to sleep!

>> Anik: Beautiful entry from
Jan, as he lands the body kick

right below that Reyes elbow.

>> Felder: Look at the footprint
already on the ribs of Reyes.

>> Anik: Oh!

There’s that patented
power right of Blachowicz.

Ooh, Jan Blachowicz
continues to land.

30 seconds to go in the round.

Oh, big left from
Jan Blachowicz!

>> Felder: He’s hurt!

>> Anik: Reyes in a
world of trouble!

Jan Blachowicz has done it!

He is the undisputed UFC
light heavyweight champion!

Poland, your guy got it done!

>> Felder: That Polish power,
Jon, we talked about it all week

leading up to this fight!

>> Anik: And now the path to
light heavyweight gold

and glory, goes through Poland.

[kick lands with a thud]

>> Felder: Nice, I like
that combination.

>> Anik: Jan Blachowicz off to
an outstanding start tonight.


Big left from Jan Blachowicz!

Reyes in a world of trouble!

Jan Blachowicz has done it!

>> Narrator: When Jan Blachowicz
won the vacant

UFC light heavyweight title…

>> Buffer: And…


>> Narrator: … made him the
target of each contender

in the 205 pound elite.

>> Anik: 205 pounds, seems to
be in great shape right now.

>> Felder: Such a good division.

>> Narrator: And number one
ranked, Glover Teixeira,

has had his sights set on
UFC gold,

since he trained with a
legendary former owner

of the division’s belt.

>> Man: I guess you proved you
got some power in those hands.

>> Well when you train
with Chuck Liddell…

>> Mike: Chuck “The
Iceman” Liddell,

remains the king of the UFC!

>> Teixeira: …
I train with the best

coach in the world,

John Hackleman.

>> Narrator: It was head coach
John Hackleman who welcomes

Teixeira to the California
home base with Chuck Liddell.

>> Joe: Chuck Liddell is still
at the same exact place

with John Hackleman,

where he’s always
been comfortable,

where he’s had all
of his success.

>> Narrator: And he remains a
fixture of training camp

to this day.

>> Teixeira: What’s going on?

[Hackleman over the phone]: I’m
fantastic, man.

Life is good.

Now we got another light
heavyweight champion coming up.

>> John Hackleman is
still involved with me.

He was my coach when I went
to train with Chuck Liddell.

He coached me for many years.

So I owe a lot to John.

[Hackleman over the phone]:
We saw you fighting and me

and Chuck were like, “We
need that guy on our team.”

>> Teixeira: The first fight
against Kyle Kingsbury,

my corner was you, Marco Rua,
Pedro Rizzo, and Chuck.

That was the toughest corner
in the planet, right there.

>> Mike: Glover Teixeira,
an all-star corner tonight.

[Hackleman over the phone]: To
me, to have these great training

guys and then you got Fernely
who is like this boxing genius.

>> Man: Be quick
with your jab,

be quick with your jab.

Jab him in the chest.

>> Narrator: Eventually,
Teixeira would seek coaching

on the east coast as well.

>> Fernely: Keep your hands up.
Keep your hands up.

>> Narrator: Which resulted in
the spontaneous recruitment

of a local boxing legend.

>> Keep your movement,
that’s what I’m saying!

Stop being lazy with your
movement, with your reflex!

Come on, there you go!

>> Fernely, I met him, he was
a big boxing star in Danbury.

I saw him running in the street.

I stopped my truck in the
middle of the street

and I ran behind him.

I said, “Fernely, Fernely?”

And he’s like, “Yeah.”

I said, “I want to
train with you.”

He said, “We do it
at 5 in the morning.”

I was there at his
house at 5 in the morning.

To this day, Fernely is
my number one coach.

>> Fernely: Bom! Bom! Bom!

[speaking Portuguese]

>> Narrator: Although their
introduction was

pure happenstance,

the addition of boxing
coach, Fernely Feliz,

proved to be the missing link
for Team Teixeira.


>> Narrator: … as another
title run began to materialize.

>> Joe: An incredible
performance by the champion.

Just shut Glover down.

>> After the Jon Jones fight,
that’s when he went to me

and hired me as a coach.

>> Joe: That’s it, that’s it!

It’s over!

>> Mike: Glover Teixeira!

>> Fernely: I was excited and
happy knowing that a man like

Glover, he put the
trust in my hands.

>> Anik: The end might
come here and it does!

>> Fernely: He’s looking better
than all his years together.

>> Cormier: Let me tell
you something, Glover,

age is not affecting you.

>> He’s quicker.

>> Teixeira: I don’t think
anybody needs to question my

heart here anymore.

>> Fernely: Stronger.

>> Teixeira: Here I am, baby,
get another run for that title.

>> Smarter.

>> Anik: Another
one bites the dust!

>> Most of the guys already
with big names,

he fought them and beat them.

>> Anik: Can
Thiago Santos survive?

Five in a row, he’s the
number one contender!

>> Fernely: For me, he’s
always been a champion.

>> Anik: Do you believe you
have done enough to be next,

for Jan Blachowicz?

>> Dana White, give
me that title shot!

>> Narrator: At long last,
Glover Teixeira could not be

denied a second light
heavyweight title shot.

[crowd cheering]

>> Narrator: But in a sport
where there are no guarantees…

>> Cormier: Oh!

>> Joe: Oh, he hurt him!

>> Narrator: … an
undefeated champion

from the weight class below…

>> Anik and Felder: Oh!

>> Narrator: Would stake
his claim to a bout with

Jan Blachowicz first.

>> Israel Adesanya:
I’ll definitely go up

in weight class, whether it
be heavyweight,

or light heavyweight.

I just keep doing what I’m
doing and my legacy

will be cemented in time.

>> Anik: It has been an
incredible rise to UFC

superstardom for the undisputed
middleweight champion,

Israel Adesanya.

But now he is 20-0 and as such,
he’s earned the right to move

up, to challenge the competent,
light heavyweight ruler,

Jan Blachowicz, in his quest to
become a simultaneous

two division champion.

>> Joe: This guy is going to try
to hunt Izzy down and corner him

and land a bomb.

[kick lands with a thud]

>> Cormier: Adesanya has to
be so cautious,

because of Blachowicz’s power.

>> Joe: Oh.
>> Anik: Ooh!

>> Joe: Blachowicz
getting a little closer now.

>> Joe: Oh, oh!

Stylebender caught him.

>> Cormier: Oh, look at that.

>> Joe: Oh.

>> Cormier: Very timely
takedown there by the champ.

>> Joe: This is huge and
with plenty of time to work.

>> Cormier: Nobody has been
able to control Izzy like that.

Once Jan got him down,

he didn’t look like he was able
to get away from him at all.

>> Joe: No, no, he
was just surviving.

>> Cormier: That big
viking punches hard,

even from down there.

>> Joe: And Jan is completely
controlling him and this is

the end of the round.

[end of round horn blares]

>> Buffer: And… still!


>> Narrator: After
conquering middleweight champ,

Israel Adesanya,

Blachowicz is now set to make
his first title defense

against a true
light heavyweight.

>> Joe: He has that kind of
power, the ability to shut

the lights out with one shot.

>> Narrator: And longtime head
coach, Robert Jocz,

is adjusting accordingly
for Glover Teixeira.

[speaking Polish]

[dramatic instrumental music]

[Jocz speaking Polish]

>> Felder: This guy
can do it all.

I mean, 10 finishes, the most
in UFC lightweight history.

[Jocz speaking Polish]

>> Felder: And any given night,

can choke you out,
knock you out.

He is durable too.

That is what sets him apart,
his ability to come back

from adversity and get a finish.

[dramatic instrumental music]

[speaking Polish]

>> Jan:

[Jocz speaking Polish]


>> Narrator: For the
UFC 267 title bout

with Jan Blachowicz,

Glover Teixeira
prepares as always,

in the Connecticut gym he
owns and operates.

[electronic music]

[lights buzz on]

>> Narrator: Only this time,

he has enlisted the services of
the UFC’s latest high profile

signing, Alex Pereira.

A former kickboxing champion
who owns a victory over

middleweight king,
Israel Adesanya.

[crowd oohs and awes]

>> Narrator: And
before his promotional debut,

helps prepare the number one
light heavyweight.


[speaking Portuguese]

[buzzer chimes]

>> Fernely: You ready?

[buzzer chimes]

[speaking Portuguese]

>> Fernely: Be in position all
the time to fight back!

>> Fernely: Just
be alert and quick.

Keep your rhythm,
keep your rhythm.

Keep backing him.

[speaking Portuguese]

>> Alex, I just thought he
was a kick boxer.

>> Fernely: Double jab and
right hand to the chest.

>> This guys is very
knowledgable and…

>> Fernely: Nice job. Nice job.

>> Teixeira: … he is
one of the greatest fighters

I’ve ever trained with.

>> Fernely: Move your head.
Move your head, more, more.

[speaking Portuguese]

>> Teixeira: From now on, we’ve
been training together, man,

because we have
the same mindset.

We want the same thing.

To be a champion.

>> Fernely: I want you to
be quick with your jab.

Keep your chin
down when you jab.

You are doing beautiful.


[buzzer chimes]
[speaking Portuguese]

>> Anik: So here is the
undisputed UFC light heavyweight

champion, Jan Blachowicz.

>> I think Jan, he’s a very good
fighter, very good kickboxer.

>> Joe: And right now he’s
fighting the perfect fight.

Fighting on the outside
and making it

a technical kickboxing match.

>> Jan: I would like to fight
against Glover next,

because he deserves it, so
he will be next.

>> Teixeira: I just think
my training,

my skills are getting
better and better.


>> Fernely: Breathe, breathe,
breathe! Breathe!

>> I can beat him everywhere.


>> Fernely: There you go.



>> Narrator: Like Teixeira,
the light heavyweight champion

prepares for UFC 267,

with new additions to his team.

[dog barking]

>> What
you been doing over there?

>> Jan: This is Johnny.

Little Johnny.

Soon we are going to
change this place for bigger.

I can’t wait. [chuckles]

>> Narrator: But
or Jan Blachowicz,

this camp is not
about adding numbers,

it’s about new assignments
for those who

have been there all along.

>> What are you doing?

Come here closer to me, huh?

I’m Dorota, I’m Jan’s manager
and fiancé and mother

of the little guy.

This is our son, Jan Jr.

I’m with Jan every single fight.

Right now I’m
joining the corner,

so it’s something
pretty big for me,

that he has so
much trust from me right now,

that I can be a part of
the team,

in the locker room as well.

Baby. [singing tune]

I’m a new mom, so it’s a
new situation for me as well.

This little guy actually
stole Jan’s heart so much.

Oh, my gosh, there
are so many of them.

[baby expels air with mouth]

>> Dorota: He’s
making him stronger,

so he can’t wait just for
October 30th.

[baby burbling with mouth]

>> Like you see.



[snapping fingers]

[trainer speaking Polish]


>> Anik: Oh!

>> Fitzgerald: Down and out!

Polish power!

Jan Blachowicz!

>> Narrator: Motivation is
rarely in short supply,

for those who compete in UFC
championship headliners.

>> Anik: Jan Blachowicz has
done it!

Poland, your guy got it done!

>> Narrator: And as Blachowicz
enters the October 30th

title bout, inspired by family,

Glover Teixeira embraces
a sense of urgency.

Come on, man, give
that title shot!

This is the last chance I have
for the title,

I’m going after
it with everything I got,

because I know this is it, man.

Let’s make history.

>> Joe: He’s getting better!

Some how at 40 plus years old!

>> The UFC is going to have a
new light heavyweight champ

of the world.

>> Anik: The best in
the world at 205 pounds.

>> Anik: The undisputed UFC
light heavyweight champion,

Jan Blachowicz!

[waves crashing]
[seagulls squawking]

>> Narrator: The co-main event
of UFC 267 on October 30th,

will feature a 28 year old,
former bantamweight champion,

with a unique place in
the title picture.

[trainer speaking Russian]

>> Narrator: And
Petr Yan’s story

all began with higher
education in the sweet science.

[trainer shouts
commands in Russian]

>> Trainer:

>> Yan:

>> Trainer: Bop! Bop! Yes!

>> Yan:

>> Trainer:

>> Trainer:

>> Trainer:

>> Narrator: Yan took to mixed
martial arts like a natural,

winning multiple
Russian titles…

[trainer giving
instructions in Russian]

>> Narrator: …
and skyrocketing up

the UFC bantamweight ranks.

>> Cormier: Oh!

>> Gooden: Well this
boxing from Petr Yan is superb!

That’s it!

>> Cormier: He fights with a
high pressure pace and he’s

a guy that’s found a
tremendous amount of success

in a short period of time.

>> Narrator: The Siberian
punished opposition

with crisp striking…

>> Anik: Oh!
>> Joe: Oh, he tagged him!

He hurt him bad.

>> Anik: There’s
that left from Yan!

>> Narrator: …
earning finishes over

legends of the sport.

>> Anik: A forever game
Urijah Faber still fighting.

>> Joe: Oh, that’s it!
>> Anik: Oh!

>> Narrator: And
the division’s belt.

>> Bisping: Oh!

>> Anik: Aldo’s down, he’s hurt!

And that will do it!

>> Bisping: Wow!

>> Anik: Petr Yan is an
undisputed world champion at 27!

>> Cormier: In every faced
of martial arts,

Petr Yan is a problem.

>> Narrator: For his
first title defense,

Yan would be dealt an unorthodox
American wrestler.

>> Aljo’s in his room.

>> Narrator: Known
as The Funk Master.

>> Joe: Also comes in at a 10;
his wrestling, his grappling,

his striking– all those things
and that experience makes him

a dangerous threat to
Petr Yan’s title.

>> Buffer: Sterling!

>> Ref: Aljamain,
first round. Ready?

Petr, ready?

Fight’s on.

>> Anik: These guys are just
so comfortable in a fight.

>> Joe: Look at this, constant
pressure by Aljo; sidekick, jab.

Oh, flying knee!

Aljo is just not
giving him any space.

>> Cormier: No space.

>> Joe: The question though is,
can he do this for five rounds

and how much energy
is he burning off?

Oh, look at that.

>> Cormier: Oh,
nice takedown by Petr.

>> Joe: Aljo has
slowed down considerably.

>> We’ve seen
this from Petr Yan.

>> Joe: But look
how patient Yan is.

>> Cormier: It’s something about
him in the way that he fights,

that makes these fantastic
fighters seem to just fatigue

so greatly in front of him.

>> Joe: Oh, my goodness.

Oh, look at that!

>> Anik: Another one, that
one wrapped around, Joe.

>> Ref: Grounded.

>> Look at him just pressing
on the head here though.

>> Ref: Stop!

>> Cormier: His knee
was all the way down.

>> Joe: 100 percent illegal.

>> Cormier: This could
be a disqualification.

>> Ref: Aljo.
>> Man: Can he fight?

>> Ref: Aljamain, stay here.
Stay here.

>> Cormier: He
can’t even get up.

>> Joe: This
fight’s got to be called.

The fight’s over.

>> Anik: If this fight
is stopped,

Petr Yan will be disqualified

and Aljamain Sterling will
be the undisputed

UFC bantamweight champion.

>> Joe: Which is crazy.

>> I think we’re
going to be done.

>> Yeah.
>> Okay. Alright.

>> Cormier: There it is.
>> Ref: That’s it.

>> Anik: And that is it.
>> Ref: That’s it.

>> Joe: I don’t like that
a title can be won this way.

>> Buffer: Winner by



>> Anik: Mixed emotions
for Aljamain Sterling.

>> Joe: He probably feels like
the title is illegitimate

if I had to guess.

Aljamain is a winner, he doesn’t
want to win a fight like that.

Look, he just threw
the belt on the ground.

>> Cormier:
I mean he’s mad right now.

>> Joe: He’s in the middle of
the Octagon crying right now.

>> Anik: Anti-climatic to
say the least,

but Aljamain Sterling, via

is now the undisputed UFC
bantamweight champion.

[waves crashing]

[speaking Russian]

>> Cormier: I mean they’re
having to hold Aljo up.

Look at this.

And Petr was
fighting so beautifully.

[speaking Russian]



>> Trainer: Three, two, one.

Let’s go! Power! Power!


Let’s go, let’s go!

>> Man: Aljamain Sterling is out
of his title defense against

Petr Yan at UFC 267,

because of
lingering neck issues.

>> Trainer: Drive, drive, drive!

>> Different man: Nolan Kang
reporting that Corey Sandhagen

is the front runner for
the interim title fight.

[train horn blaring]

>> We had kind of had
an idea that

Aljamain wasn’t going to be 100
percent healthy going into this

championship fight
on October 30th.

>> Trainer: Alright,
two feet in each box.

Stay low!

Moving to the side.
Three facing each direction!

>> Sandhagen: Neck surgery is
not something that you kind

of just, you know, get over
after a couple months, so.

>> Trainer: Two in, two out!

Three times to the left foot,
three times to the right foot.

>> I kind of always had it in
my head that Aljamain was maybe

going to pull out.

>> Hips down, stay low.

>> And I was just–you
know, the most prepared.

>> Narrator: Timing is
everything in mixed martial arts

and top five finisher,
Corey Sandhagen

is the latest
example of that fact.

>> Cormier: And now he finds
himself fighting TJ Dillashaw.

And look– if he wins, there is
no doubt who should be next

for the winner of Yan
versus Aljamain Sterling.

>> Narrator: Because of
Sandhagen’s razor thin

split decision loss, to former
two time bantamweight champion,

TJ Dillashaw…

>> Fitzgerald: Oh,
knocked him down with that one!

>> Cormier: Oh, he’s
got TJ on the bad.

>> Narrator: …oddly qualified
him for a shot at UFC gold.

>> Fitzgerald: Oh, another
flying knee from Sandhagen.

Follows it up with an
elbow and a combination!

>> Cormier: But I mean the
pressure of Dillashaw is

something to beheld.

I wonder how much stake the
judges are putting into this

position right here?

>> Fitzgerald: But these
exchanges loom large,

because they are so close and
the striking numbers…

>> Cormier: Yes.

>> Fitzgerald: …
Dillashaw starting to feel it

now and a big swing
and a spin wobbled Dillashaw!

>> Cormier: Oh, my goodness.

>> Fitzgerald:
Swinging to the final horn!

[end of round horn blares]
>> Cormier: What a fight!

>> Fitzgerald: Anybodies
guess what the scorecards are.

>> Man: Welcome back, baby.

That was a hard one, yep.

>> Did I get it?

>> Yeah, I think so,
yeah, because of the control.

>> Buffer: For the winner by
split decision:

TJ Dillashaw!

>> It was a weird feeling being
like, “Oh, like I did my job.

I beat someone one and
I didn’t get beat up.”

But then it was also
this feeling of like,

“Ow, but you didn’t really do
enough to win

on the judges’ scorecards.”

I didn’t take any serious
damage the whole time, man.

He was kicking my leg, but they
weren’t compromising me at all.

It was like– I had him hurt
a number of times,

but I wasn’t hurt at all.

>> And he’s getting hurt with
almost every one of those shots.

>> It’s the control.

>> I kind
of beat myself up a little bit,

because in the first round I
was chasing submissions

a little bit.

>> Cormier: His knee
got bent going forward.

He was landing great shots, but
Sandhagen was just wrenching it.

>> Fitzgerald: Yep.

So we’ll keep an eye on that
left knee of TJ Dillashaw.

And it turns out that the
submission that I was able

to hurt TJ with…

[end of round horn blares]
>> Sit down.

How’s your knee?

>> Dillashaw:
Popped it, it’s alright.

>> Sandhagen: … was the one
that put him in surgery,

which is the one that made it so
that he’s not fighting

for the title and that I am.

>> Let’s see if I
can get this going.

Crutching over here.

Something that has been very
key to my recovery,

is a full boot wrap.

It goes all around the foot
and all the way up my leg.

I got swelling from surgery,
it goes down

and creates a kankle right now,

so I’m trying to
get rid of my kankle.

>> Sandhagen: The way that the
stars have to line up sometimes,

in order for you to even get a
shot at the belt,

will keep you up at
night, [chuckles] you know

and has kept
me up at night.

So you don’t hesitate
in saying “no” to that.

You say, “yes” and you
go win it.

>> Narrator: Now set to
face Petr Yan for the interim

bantamweight belt at UFC 267,

Sandhagen draws from experience,

ahead of their October
30th showdown in Abu Dhabi.

>> Sandhagen: Standing in front
of TJ Dillashaw and fighting him

the way that I was
able to fight him,

brought a lot of
confidence to me, man.

Like, he’s known as one of the
greatest bantamweights

of all time and I beat him up.

>> Anik: Confidence is high,
I repeat, confidence is high.

Corey Sandhagen.

>> Cormier: Oh!

>> Anik: Corey Sandhagen
living up to the hype tonight!

>> Fitzgerald: Oh, big ones now!

>> Felder; This could
be the end right here.

>> Fitzgerald: And that is it!

>> I still think
that I’m the best.

>> Joe: This kid is really
talented and focused

and this kid is
something special.

>> Dominick Cruz: He picks the
right shots and he hits you

and you can’t hit him back.

>> Joe: You never know what
he’s doing, you never know where

things are coming from.

>> Sandhagen: I also bring a lot
of physical attributes into

the fight, that are going to
really pay dividends to it.

>> Joe: Oh,
beautiful flying knee.

>> I’m a really long guy, who
has really good footwork,

and really good grappling.

>> Anik: I mean Sandhagen
has just been must-see TV

every step of the way.

Working on an arm now, DC.
>> Cormier: Yep, armbar.

>> Anik: Oh, there’s the tap!

>> Sandhagen: That is kind of a
nightmare for people,

especially in my division where
a lot of the guys are shorter.

[commentators]: Oh!

>> Hardy: What a
finish by Corey Sandhagen!

>> I’m going to have a lot
more reach,

I’m going to be able to move my
feet a lot better.

[commentators]: Oh!

>> Fitzgerald: Oh, my goodness!

Edgar’s out!

>> And Petr Yan is going to have
to find a way to deal with that.

>> Trainer: Most steps!
Most steps!

Speed, speed, speed!

>> Sandhagen: We’re both
going to go in there,

we’re both going to try
to hurt each other.

>> Anik: Oh!

Elbow strike from Yan!

>> Sandhagen: We’re both
going to be in good shape.

>> Felder: The combinations, the
volume that Sandhagen puts

on his opponent and
breaks you down.

>> We’re both going to want
this, really, really badly.

>> Trainer: No mercy! No mercy!

>> And as long as I put myself
in that type of space,

I believe that I can win.


>> For UFC 267’s
Corey Sandhagen…

>> Man: Alright, guys, let’s go.

>> Narrator: … the journey to
an interim bantamweight

title bout on October 30th…

>> Shuffle in, guys! Shuffle in!

>> Narrator: …
was spent entirely in Colorado.

>> And freeze, guys.

Facing the inside, let’s
get in push-up position.

Ready, let’s do ten of them.


>> Narrator: And while his
diverse endeavors

in the Rockies, ranged from
studies in child psychology,

to a career in professional mma.

Every avenue began with his
innate love for athletics.

>> Sports were my
thing growing up.

I was mostly a basketball player
and then as I was in high school

and getting a little bit burnt
out on basketball,

that’s when I kind of
transitioned into

martial arts and signed up.

Been there ever since.

Me and coach are partners.

We can only kick each other.

Okay, he is kicking at me.


I’m protecting myself, making
sure I’m blocking

the correct way and he’s
doing the same thing.

I’m very involved
in martial arts.

Geo and Omar, you guys are here.

>> I teach the kids’
kickboxing program,

which is my way of giving
back to the gym.

Nice, Anthony.

Good stance, man.

Make sure that I can do as much
as I can for those people,

just like people did a lot for
me when I first signed up

at the gym.

Alright, let’s open arms.

See you guys, good job.
[everyone in unison slaps]

>> Man: Now off the mat.
>> Peace.

>> Narrator: Sandhagen
now officially works with

the Elevation Fight Team

at its Easton
training facilities.

A team that frequently
relocated itself over time,

but Sandhagen’s presence
has been constant.

>> I’m one of the guys on the
team that’s been around ever

since it was Grudge.

>> Man: Okay, here we go!


I like the way you
are dropping after it.

It’s instant.

It’s up and drop.

>> Sandhagen: Then it
turned into Muscle Pharm.

>> So I step here in the middle.
I got to step here.

>> Yeah.

Then when you cut the corner,
your head is just going

to go here.

Instead of going the other way.


>> Man: Okay, time, next one!

>> Now it’s Eastons.

>> I met Corey, he came in
pretty much straight

out of high school.

Just a little scrawny, pale kid.


There was one day we were
sparring and that was

the first day I was like,

“Wow, this kid
has some serious potential.”

>> Fitzgerald:
Enter “The Sandman.”

Fighting out of
Aurora, Colorado,

he is part of the
very well-respected,

Elevation Fight Team.

>> Christian: I think
Corey’s success,

it’s in the
desire of his goal.

It’s not like he has to dig
to come up with motivation.

There is something in
him that wants to succeed.

You see that all day!

Yes, Corey!

Yes, that’s what
I’m talking about!

Yes! Yes!

No matter what the
circumstances are,

he’s going to fight well.

You don’t need to try
to hurt him,

that will happen on its own.

The power will
happen on its own.

All you need to do is touch him.



I see the future, kind of the
way we’ve envisioned

it the entire time.

Sharp shots!



It’s with that belt
around his waist.


>> UFC 267 is
when I come home with the belt.

[end of round horn blares]

>> Cormier: What a fight!

That is the highest level of
mixed martial arts you are ever

going to witness.

>> My skills are there, my
mental is there, and I’m really,

really ready to
take this thing home.

[seagulls squawking]

>> Narrator:
As Sandhagen embraces this

opportunity to seize
gold at UFC 267,

so too does Petr Yan,

in the Russian
beachside enclave,

with a collection of experts
from across the globe.

[speaking Russian]

>> He’s got a solid
team around him.

Everywhere he goes,
he’s got a solid team.

We got a really
solid team here now.

We’re tight, everyone is working
together towards

the same objectives,

to make sure he’s in the
best shape possible,

to you know, leave no doubt
in the next fight

and to absolutely dismantle him.

[speaking Russian]

>> Joe: This
guy smashes everybody

you put in front of him.

He knows when to pressure you
and he knows when

you are breaking and he knows
when to turn it on.

He knows when you
are getting tired.

>> Cormier: He is not
going to over-exert himself.

He’s going to take his time.

The pressure is
going to be constant.

He is going to continue to
touch you up,

until eventually you start to
fade and fatigue and then

Petr Yan is just stepping
into second gear.

[punching bag slammed
from punch]

>> Shaun:
Alright, let’s go, boys.

[dramatic instrumental music]

>> Shaun: Speed. Control.


He’s come into this camp,
absolutely prepared to do

whatever is
necessary to get that title.

>> Cormier: We’ve
seen this from Petr Yan,

it’s something about him in the
way that he fights

that makes these
fantastic fighters,

seem to just fatigue
so greatly in front of him.

>> Shaun: We did start
off with strength

and power and then
moved into more power,

speed, and conditioning
based work,

so that he can have
a high work-rate.

Good power, good power.

And aerobic conditioning,
which is that short, sharp,

high-intensity, explosive work.

>> Anik: And Yan is
seemingly getting stronger

as the fight goes on.

>> Shaun: Has been a
big focus for this fight.

>> Joe: He’s a patient killer.

>> Shaun: This is
his redemption.

>> Anik: And if Petr Yan’s body
language is any indication,

he is as fresh as a daisy.

[speaking Russian]

[dramatic instrumental music]


>> Narrator:
MMA is certainly not

for the faint of heart,

but those
who compete are still human,

with metal hurdles
permeating their daily grind.

And Corey Sandhagen’s
preparation for Petr Yan,

are no different.

>> In this sport, there is a lot
of stress involved,

there is a lot work and
heart involved

and your body and
your mind get beat up a lot.

Everyone has doubts
in their life,

even at the top
tier of competition,

those guys all
have doubts in themselves.

I think it just kind of comes
down to being able to catch

those thoughts of doubt,

making sure those
doubts aren’t me

and then moving past and
making sure I’m thinking

the things that
I want to think.

And it’s been a long, long
time of me thinking

about the belt, man.

I don’t want to be on my
death-bed and say that

I was never the UFC
bantamweight world champ.

So I’m going to do everything
in my power to win that thing.

>> Hardy: Oh!

What a finish by
Corey Sandhagen!

>> Gooden: Enter The Sandman!

Petr Yan!

>> Narrator: Sandhagen and Yan
are finally ready to battle

for interim UFC gold,

when the Octagon returns
to Abu Dhabi,

for a night headlined by the
light heavyweight title bout,

between champion
Jan Blachowicz…

>> Anik: Jan Blachowicz
has done it!

He is the undisputed UFC
light heavyweight champion!

>> Narrator: … and challenger,
Glover Teixeira.

>> Anik: There it is!

Glover Teixeira, he’s
the number one contender!

>> Narrator: It all goes down at
the spectacular Etihad Arena,

on October 30th.

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