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FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER twitter.com Hey guys, Yet again, it has been a very long time since my last upload. But I’m happy to introduce you to my new video ‘Time’. In recent months I’ve been looking back at some of the videos I made almost 4 years ago now. This made me appreciate just how quickly time passes and how much is achievable during that time. However, my main motivation behind this video sparked from reflecting upon the situation I was in this time last year. Today is the anniversary of my Granddads death. It sounds like such a cliché, but I can honestly say that he was one of the most inspirational people in my life. When many others doubted me and attempted to convince me that I wouldn’t make anything of my life ‘messing around with a ball’, he was the one that told me to stick a middle finger up to what other people thought and do what I wanted to do. As well as that, this time last year I had been out of freestyle for about 6 months with a serious hip injury which meant I had to re-learn a great deal of tricks and re-build masses of stamina. Although these were obviously hard times for me, I would not change them for the world. It helped me to build the mentality that a setback is just a set-up for a comeback and that anything can be overcome if you want it enough. Never really put so much time and effort into training, filming and editing a video, so I really hope you like it! Thanks so much to everyone who has supported me in the build up to this video, you

Huge thanks to Palle (professional football freestyler) for coming to Norway to shoot this video. Become a fan on facebook! www.facebook.com Who’s the guy with the big camera on his shoulder? Surely we didn’t have the budget for such a professional camera? You’re right, we didn’t. That’s a camera man from TV 2. When TV 2 heard Palle was coming to Cageball Nydalen to show off his amazing skills, they sent a camera man and a reporter to crash our shoot in order to get some footage of their own. Later that day during the sports news, on national television, everyone got to see Palle in action 🙂 I’ve made plenty of video game videos over the last few years, but this was my first proper real life video production. Some parts went great, other parts didn’t. It certainly was a good experience and I learnt a lot from it. This footage was actually recorded last year, but midway through post I had to put the project on the bookshelf, so to speak, and it’s been sitting there collecting dust for all this time. I finally got around to finishing it. Way later than planned, but it’s done at last. I hope you enjoy it! Music www.stockholmboogie.com http www.youtube.commhjerpseth http www.cageball.no Peace

Journée du 4 novembre 2007

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