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COMMENT BELOW: Kanto or Johto? Hey everyone, welcome to this week’s Community Choice! This time, we cover your favorite Mario Sports Games. Hope you enjoy! RedFalconGames www.youtube.com twitter.com www.facebook.com —– Facebook – www.facebook.com Twitter – twitter.com Join now! – www.nintendobuzz.com Submit a video – http

Today, Daemon talks about college football and an interestingly-named Final Fantasy music game. Be sure to like & share the vid if you like it! Also in today’s episode, we reveal your Fan Remix Score for the Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC along with a few quotes from our fans. Thanks to everyone who voted last week!! Don’t forget to vote on this week’s Remix — NCAA Football 11. Remember, the reviews highlighted in the show are just a small number from the full total. For the full list of reviews, look below. NCAA Football 13 Game Informer www.gameinformer.com GameTrailers www.gametrailers.com GamesRadar www.gamesradar.com EGM www.egmnow.com IGN www.ign.com Joystiq www.joystiq.com FINAL FANTASY: THEATRHYTHM IGN www.ign.com Nintendo Power [July 2012, p.80] GameTrailers www.gametrailers.com EGM www.egmnow.com GamesRadar www.gamesradar.com Joystiq www.joystiq.com Game Informer www.gameinformer.com GameSpot www.gamespot.com Eurogamer www.eurogamer.net Destructoid www.destructoid.com TAGS: “ncaa 2013” ea sports “ea sports” skyrim dawnguard “the elder scrolls” “the elder scrolls v” “the elder scrolls skyrim” “the elder scrolls skyrim v” theatrythm “final fantasy” bethesda square enix “square enix” “final fantasy theatrythm” start START ign ignentertainment games gaming “video games” gameplay hd official 2012 “video game” “mixd reviews” “jessica chobot” “daemon hatfield” “xbox 360” ps3 wii pc mobile

Girls + Football = WIN! Gameplay by: YouTube.com Music: We Don’t Abuse It by Rango soundcloud.com – – My Twitter — twitter.com Custom Controllers — fshr.me Girl Advice Series — www.youtube.com

An aftermarket Family Computer, the design elements quite resemble that of a Wii. It has 48 built in games as well a port for Family Computer Games (AKA Famicom). A descent build when compared to others of its type, the system is wireless, and the console itself can run with four AAs! Wii inovation for an old classic! Not bad for ! ^_^

CHAMPION MATCH!! Game Type: Basketball Game Mode: 3-on-3 Here I face Tommy, the champion of the Basketball courts on WuHu Island. His team can be tricky to beat, very good blockers and their shooting is just as good. Please Enjoy the video! Don’t forget to click the annotations at the end of the video to view another Wii Sports Resort Champion Match! Footage Recorded with Hauppauge HD PVR.

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