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FOXSports.com’s Peter Schrager dishes on the Jets’ offensive woes and more.

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I do think Timothy Bradley can win this fight, but let’s put it this way: Everything has to go exactly right for him, and a lot of stuff has to go wrong for Manny Pacquiao. Timothy Bradley can beat Manny if Manny is truly distracted, truly not 100% in it anymore — hell, he’d have to be about 80% in it, in my estimation, for Bradley to have the chance to do enough things right to get this win. I am certain that Timothy Bradley cannot stop Manny Pacquiao. That means he’s going to have to do something really impressive. He’s going to have to back him down. Hurt him. Out-quick him. Out-box him thoroughly — and I mean thoroughly. He has to be better than he’s ever been, and by a pretty fair amount. Is Timothy Bradley great, or just very good? Are we asking too much of Timothy Bradley if we ask him to win this fight? Is it simply beyond his ability as a fighter? …When you match good fighters against good fighters, someone has to lose. When you match good fighters with great fighters, guess who usually loses? My money is on Bradley not being great. Of course, I’ve been wrong a few times before. I’m sticking with it though: Pacquiao by unanimous decision, this time with no real debate.

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Juan Manuel Marquez going with Manny Pacquiao vs Tim Bradley.

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