This making of trailer takes a look at the cover shoot for the game which stars Liverpool captain and England footballer Steven Gerrard. Ubisoft’s five a side football game is coming to the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Hitting the pitch in May 2010. Game Blurb – The life of the modern professional footballer is one of status, success, and celebrity. Yet there is a group of elite players who are prepared to risk everything to participate in something more. They want the beautiful game in its purest form, 5-a-side football played on the very edge, where the rules are decided by those who take part, not by a referee. It is here that the players are free to play, here that they feel most alive, here that they are first and foremost footballers Pure Footballers. These 5-a-side matches are intense, fast-paced and spectacular! With Pure Football, get ready to experience the raw sensation of Football.

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