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Humans: pretty bloody good at sport. [Songs below] The dog is real: www.youtube.com Song 1: She – Coloris Song 2: Enya – Orinoco Flow Distrikt Beats remix

Watch me on this episode of Fox Sports West’s “Sport Science”! Sport Science did a study to find out if a football hit has as much force as a cheerleader falling from a stunt. The study also used a crash dummy falling from 18 ft. in the air to measure the pressure of a cheerleader falling from the highest performed stunt, a basket toss. The study involved NFL player Hassim Osgood (tackling a crash dummy) vs. me and teammates from the University of California Irvine’s Cheer team. I’m the one being thrown in the air:)

After Mark Cavendish took exception to a question following his London 2012 disappointment, we put together a video of sport stars getting angry in interviews! SUBSCRIBE to get more funny videos delivered right to your news feed: bit.ly FOLLOW us on Twitter and tell us what else you want to watch on talkSPORT’s YouTube channel: bit.ly LIKE us on Facebook to join the world’s most intriguing sporting debates: on.fb.me

I dont intend to Claim this Video by any means….It is a Property of the Owners…..Its here…Just for fun….I uploaded it for personal use…..Enjoy!!!

Trevor Harris chats with Chris Graham and Wayne Veysey, to bring you all you need for to bet on the opening week of the Euros. With 5 days to go to the first game, now is the time to learn about the teams and where the value lies. Join Sports Tonight Live on Primetime Channel 480 on Sky throughout the Euros.