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En el canal de cable Fox Sports Central se comentó así la clasificación de Uruguay a la semifinal de la Copa Mundial de Fútbol Sudáfrica 2010, luego de ganar en la definición por penales al seleccionado de Ghana. Emitido originalmente el 2 de julio en el Fox Sports Central. Video procesado para YouTube por Nano Cortés-Quiroz.

More exclusive footage as FIFA President Sepp Blatter tells Al Jazeera’s sports correspondent Lee Wellings that he thinks goalline technology will be introduced by the next World Cup in Brazil. The International Football Association Board (IFAB) will meet after the 2011/12 European football season to decide on the implementation of technology. Blatter says he is confident such technology will be available to help avoid the “blatant injustice” of disallowed goals like Frank Lampard’s World Cup effort for England against Germany in South Africa last year. For more sports news, videos and features go to english.aljazeera.net

Watch highlights of the Rugby World Cup 2007 final between England and South Africa as voted for by you on the official Rugby World Cup Facebook page.

Whose Next?

South Africa and Mexico open the World Cup splitting the points with a 1-1 draw

Whose Next?

This ISNT mine – I ‘borrowed’ it! Video courtesy of www.legofussball.eu and the guardian.co.uk front page PS Thanks to everyone for watching & sharing and special thanks to the Huffington Post for linking the video! Comments Closed, sorry.

Whose Next?

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