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View more inspirational videos at: godfruits.com Tim Tebow has a remarkable resume. Initially you might be drawn to this ‘Heisman Trophy’ winner’s job as a Quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Yet, If you look a little further, you will discover a story that is much more miraculous. Expected not to survive his birth, he not only survived and thrived, and now he lives to help others. www.youtube.com

Sean Farnham is a sports television host, anchor, and color commentator. This UCLA Basketball alumnus can be seen regularly on Fox Sports Net, FSN West, and FSN Prime Ticket in Los Angeles. This is his resume reel.

I am wondering because I am very athletic, however I am not sure if I want to participate in any sports.

I take on a lot of leadership skills, extracurricular activities, and I am practically valedictorian, but just how important are sports on your resume?

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