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Various trick plays that worked over the last 30+ years. These were all the ones I could think of off the top of my head. There might be many I forgot. If so, I could always make a Volume 2. Trick plays featured: 0:01 – Jerry Zuver – Fake PAT/2 point conversion against Ohio State (1976) 0:37 – Mike Gillette – Fake punt against Michigan State (1988) 1:37 – Greg McMurtry to Chris Calloway – End around pass against Indiana (1988) 2:41 – Greg McThomas – Fake field goal/shovel pass against Ohio State (1991) 4:04 – Derrick Alexander – Double reverse against Purdue (1992) 4:55 – Charles Woodson to Brian Griese – Double pass against Wisconsin (1997) 5:26 – David Terrell – Double reverse against Wisconsin (1999) 5:46 – Dialo Johnson to Drew Henson – Double pass against Penn State (1999) 6:25 – Walter Cross – Fake punt against Illinois (2000) 7:27 – Drew Henson to David Terrell – Flea flicker against Auburn (2001) 8:13 – Marquise Walker to Jermain Gonzales – Double pass against Illinois (2001) 8:39 – Walter Cross to Marquise Walker – End around pass against Illlinois (2001) 9:18 – Ronald Bellamy – Fake handoff against Florida (2003) 10:03 – Steve Breaston to John Navarre – Double pass against Minnesota (2003) 10:33 – Adrian Arrington to Mario Manningham – End around pass against Illinois (2007)

I have a cold today 🙁 BUT here are some of my favorite North American Football pics just in time for the up-coming BIG GAME! *** LINKS *** Master Chief Saints: www.geekologie.com Confused face .gif: www.gifflix.com Baseball players using football masks: farm6.static.flickr.com Fat player: jockandballs.com ref punch: refstripes.files.wordpress.com Face kick: images.cheezburger.com nut kick: media.bigoo.ws butt head: images.cheezburger.com nose pick: images.cheezburger.com Star Wars kid: www.buzzfeed.com Jock baby: iruntheinternet.com football baby: www.directfromdeb.com Star Wars helmets: www.likecool.com College football kiss? www.insidesocal.com Football mount: all-funny.info gay: msnbcmedia.msn.com Facebook fail shadow: www.burnred.co.uk Lion Illusion: 4.bp.blogspot.com watermelon head: cdn.bleacherreport.net sad fans: funnycrave.com Funny team names: www.cracked.com flip .gif: i.imgur.com YAY! ahhhh 🙁 cdn1.sbnation.com Aaron math: i.imgur.com Funny MASCOTS: www.cracked.com Fish Helmet: i.imgur.com Chargers Tattoo: www.buzzfeed.com Kobe: images.cheezburger.com Steelers Fans: coedmagazine.com Big fan base: media.ebaumsworld.com Improved NFL logo shirts: www.buzzfeed.com Funny Signs: www.gatortailgating.com Facebook! www.facebook.com 35 Pictures of Eli Manning looking sad: coedmagazine.com

NBA’s Top 10 Plays for January 24th, 2011, featuring Rudy Gay, Brook Lopez, and David West. Visit www.nba.com for more highlights.

NBA’s Top 10 Plays for January 21st, 2011, featuring Jordan Crawford, Dwight Howard, and Monta Ellis. Visit www.nba.com for more highlights.

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