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Tim Tebow’s Streak is Over! Tim Tebow’s Streak is Over! Tim Tebow’s Streak is Over! Tim Tebow’s Streak is Over! Tim Tebow’s Streak is Over! Tim Tebow’s Streak is Over! tebow has lost his game to new england

In this video, I talk briefly about the 49ers beating the Saints in a great game, but the majority is a rant on Tebow Haters…Enjoy Please rate, comment and subscribe if you like my videos…

Tim Tebow receives a call from God after loss from the Patriots. This video was made for entertainment purposes only. I do not own any videos, imagines, and audio used in this Video except for my own edited audio as well as production intro images.

Tebow Time! Denver Broncos Upset New York Jets 17-13! New York Jets Out & Denver Broncos In? In the small hours of Monday morning, the Jets left MetLife Stadium as a humbled team, humiliated at home, on national television, with the AFC East lead at stake, by the rival Patriots, 37-16. It was not even their worst defeat of the week, and it was not close, either. That distinction belongs to their flop on Thursday night against the Denver Broncos, a fiasco that left the Jets panting and wheezing — and not because of the altitude. The 17-13 last-minute loss knocked them to the outskirts of the AFC playoff picture, a place where other imperfect teams reside, but none that have done more than the Jets to sabotage their own seasons. Even if the enduring memory is of Tim Tebow’s game-winning touchdown, which capped a 95-yard drive, the Jets did as much to lose this game as Tebow did to win it. Mark Sanchez, who directed an offense that was 3 of 14 on third down and handed the Broncos 7 points with a critical third-quarter interception, called his night embarrassing. Awful special- teams play — a fumbled kickoff, a shanked punt, a long return allowed — underscored a systemic breakdown. MY OTHER CHANNELS & WEBSITES: www.facebook.com twitter.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com www.youtube.com

Update: AT LEAST THIS GAME WINS “BEST FIGHT OF THE PLAYOFFS!” Which we still lost! Nice one. Okay, no really; great job this year, Denver, and great fight, Patriots (no pun intended). After starting 1-4, never in a million years did I think we’d even make it this far. We won our division. We won our first playoff game. We are the talk of the sports world. I am bummed, but I’m not going to be rotten about it; I was spoiled as it is. It was an awesome season, I love you guys! My predictions/picks and the point spread between the Denver Broncos and the New England Patriots during the AFC Divisional playoffs on Saturday (GO BRONCOS!), and what Tim Tebow and the Broncos need to do (and don’t do) to stop Tom Brady. My pick: Not jinxing it. 😛 New England is -13 1/2.

Hank breaks the news to you about your brain on football, the reality behind the latest moon-base plan, and an epic win — and fail — in the animal kingdom. Follow SciShow on Twitter: www.twitter.com Like SciShow on Facebook: www.facebook.com For the citations for this video, follow this link to the Google Document: dft.ba TAGS: hank green, news, science news, scishow, football, injury, brain, NFL, concussion, CTE, superbowl, giants, patriots, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, depression, memory loss, dementia, brain bank, accelerometer, culture medium, booster, newt gingrich, moon colony, nasa, constellation, helium, mining, mars, space exploration, data points, deep sea vent, caribbean, burmese python, florida, everglades

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