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FOXSports.com’s Peter Schrager dishes on the Jets’ offensive woes and more.

After Mark Cavendish took exception to a question following his London 2012 disappointment, we put together a video of sport stars getting angry in interviews! SUBSCRIBE to get more funny videos delivered right to your news feed: bit.ly FOLLOW us on Twitter and tell us what else you want to watch on talkSPORT’s YouTube channel: bit.ly LIKE us on Facebook to join the world’s most intriguing sporting debates: on.fb.me

Mark Wahlberg is a true Bostonian, even when it comes to pee-wee basketball.

Mark Cuban this week on Stars on Stars with Stephon Marbury!

Real Football Factories, the Midlands Danny Dyer, a British actor who starred in The Football Factory, meets the football hooligan firms of the Midlands. In this episode he meets the Zulu Warriors, Birmingham City’s infamous mixed-race hooligan gang as well as Stoke City’s Naughty 40, Wolverhampton Wanderers’ Yam Yam Army, Nottingham Forest’s Forest Executive Crew, Derby’s Lunatic Fringe and finally Leicester City’s Baby Squad – all widely regarded the ‘Main’ firms in the Midlands hence why Aston Villa do not appear in this programme.

David Beckham, Oscar Pistorius and sports stars from around the world tell us how they’ve been inspired by sport. This video celebrates the achievements of International Inspiration and marks the Inspired by Sport photography exhibition. Find out more at: l2012.cm

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