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Nearly The News #105 FEEL IT HOT, HOT, HOT! A new study released this week validated what scientists have been saying all along; the Earth’s climatologists are getting increasingly hotter and may be responsible for melting hearts at record levels. The Chicagodope.com says researchers using hi-resolution imagery and computer models have found atmospheric scientists have been getting more attractive, and at a faster rate than ever before. The current field of climate scientists has increased in relative attractiveness by an average of 2.2 points over the last 30 years, moving from fours to solid sixes and sevens. www.thechicagodope.com BIG NEWTIN, SPENDING G’S… Despite a crushing loss in Florida, former speaker Newt Gingrich says he won’t drop out before the Republican Convention. “I got honies in every hood up and down this bitch,” said the thrice-married GOP candidate, who’s ex wife recently announced her husband has requested an “open marriage.” “Why would I stop now, when there are so many shorties who ain’t tasted little newt yet?” A spokesman later confirmed that in using the term “little newt,” Gingrich meant his penis. And finally… TEBOW: I’D LIKE TO THANK ALLAH AND MY OFFENSIVE LINE Cap News is reporting that Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has abandoned his much publicized Christian faith in favor of the world’s second largest religion, Islam. “I’ve decided that, as an athlete, it’s important I have the best teammates,” Tebow told a stunned press

denver broncos till i die song please subscribe for more videos if you have any requests i would be more than happy to make it!!!!!!! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE AND COMMENT You will suffer defeat from the orange n blue you dealing with a legacy that defines truth real NFL fans were there colors with pride I’m a bronco fan in til i dizz ieee won the Superbowl,twice na row won it in 97 98 that was a while ago we was in are prime,team a head of there time with the best coach of all time ,yelling on the sideline elway n davis n shannon sharpe the list goes on n on ,denver is a team with heart with remember able people,its so unbelievable Superbowl repeat for many that’s unachievable but in past couple of years the team has been lost leadership was needed for a team that’s been lost brian grease couldn’t hack it, he was a chocker for a bummer then came jack the snake the truth plummer took a team that was down but never out throwing the bomb to rod smith bam!another touch down john lynch n the champ leading the defense javon walker n tatum bell going wild on the offense made it to the play offs n they played the pats the team that has to cheat to win they couldn’t handle that shady brady n bill billicheat could not repeat took such an asswhoopin of a bronco defeat they took us all the way to championship game played with pride everythin on the line n lost the game i didn’t switch teams ni didn’t hate mine rip darrent williams im a broncos until i dizzie You will suffer defeat from the

Wrong Lyrics Christina Aquilera Messed up the usa national anthem star spangled banner Feb 6th 2011 Superbowl XLV 45

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