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brandon knight heads over to espn

NCAA Football 12 Review – No Force Fields, No Suction Animations, Good blocking, No AI Cheating.

Today were are showcasing two videos full of entrances we have not fully shown before. Every Tuesday we will release a new Quick Clip from NCAA Football 12 from now until launch on July 12th. Visit us at www.EASPORTS.com Like us at www.facebook.com Follow us at www.twitter.com

In this Making Sen$e web exclusive, Justin Wolfers of the Brookings Institution and Paul Solman chat about how we can make the best decisions when it comes to filling out March Madness brackets, why economists are interested in sports betting and the fact that even a 100-1 shot can be expected to win — once every hundred times. Perhaps you’ll even take away some tips for picking next year’s bracket.

Kentucky is heading to the Elite Eight after knocking off No. 1 seed Ohio State. Hear from both teams.

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