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www.youtube.com Check out Prime’s channel for the full uncut commentary/discussion. The original commentary/discussion is 1 hour 46 minutes long. Prime will upload it in full to his channel! Be on the lookout! The gameplay footage is actually my 1st league game in WWS6 with my newly drafted team. I’m the Heat in season 6. I had the 6th pick in the draft and somehow Dwyane Wade was available! Please disregard the last 2 minutes of the video. There’s nothing there, I was just testing to see if I could go over 15mins of runtime. Enjoy our discussion and my first game.

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If professional athletes continuously train to enhance their performance, why don’t you do the same? Having the ability to jump higher than other athletes is indeed something that you may want to achieve. And through vertical training, that goal can be definitely fulfilled.

If you want to increase your jump, vertical training is the right thing to do. What can you possibly do if neither your coach nor your personal trainer know anything about vertical training? If this happens to be the predicament that you are in right now, a mentor or coach or manual can be of help to you. If you cannot find a coach or mentor, you will definitely find a manual on vertical training.

Simply because more and more athletes are wanting to increase their jumps so more and more authors are publishing their own versions of a jump manual. If you are looking for a jump manual, be ready with the number of choices that you would surely find. Making your choice can definitely be confusing since all of these manuals claim that they are currently the best.

A few weeks ago, I was also going through these different manuals in search of the best one. In the beginning, it was indeed a little confusing but I tried to be as patient as I can. After researching on background information and user testimonials about the different manuals that I found, I decided to purchase the Jump Manual. Here are three reasons why I decided to purchase the Jump Manual.

First and foremost, the Jump Manual believes in individualized workouts for each athlete. Individualized workout charts were anchored on the belief that every person is unique and I completely agree with this. Indeed, my teammates have different levels of skills when compared to me. And because of this, it is just right for athletes not to have the same types and number of exercises. Therefore this is what individualized workout is all about. The Jump Manual will make an individualized workout designed for me which will be based on my current ability and my goal.

Second, the Jump Manual makes use of a multi-faceted approach in increasing the jump of every person. According to the Jump Manual, there are 9 elements in vertical training. All these nine elements were definitely discussed in the Jump Manual. Remember that there is always the possibility of not reaching the fullest potential of an athlete if any of these nine elements is neglected. Even a nutrition guide is included in the Jump Manual because of the multi-faceted method to training. Always remember that food is the energy source of the body which makes proper diet very essential in training.

Third, the Jump Manual ensures that its users will correctly execute the exercises because this is important in increasing a person’s jump. Because of this belief, videos are also included in the Jump Manual. The videos in the training DVD could be downloaded into your computer or iPod. This way, you will not just read about the instructions of the exercises but you will also get to view them for proper execution.

I chose to purchase the Jump Manual instead of the other manuals that I found because of these three reasons. And since I started my vertical training with the Jump Manual two weeks ago, I have already seen an increase in my jump.

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