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Kempner Cougars vs. Cy-Ranch Mustangs Post Game Interview Cy Ranch with Leon Byrd and Grant Slaughter 6/2/2012 Brought to you by Legacy Sports Network! “Like” us on facebook www.facebook.com

(Highlights only) This documentary paints a compelling portrait of Taurean Charles, a high school football player for Miami’s Northwestern Bulls. Located in Miami’s impoverished Liberty neighborhood, Northwestern high has a history as a breeding ground for college football and NFL players. Led to believe that football is his only ticket out, Charles focuses all his efforts on earning a place on a Division I collegiate team, letting his grades suffer in the process. But if Charles can’t raise his SAT score to meet the NCAA’s standards, he might never escape his inner city life. As Charles struggles to meet demands from his coaches, family, and society, he wonders who he can actually trust. YEAR OF THE BULL reveals the immense pressures facing poor black youth, and exposes the violent and cruel methods used by coaches to push young athletes.

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Watch highlights the junior 1 on 1 and 7 on 7 competition for the skill players from the National Underclassmen Ultimate 100 East camp! These athletes are from the class of 2013 See more videos like these at www.nationalunderclassmen.com! www.nationalunderclassmen.com www.ultimate100camp.co…

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