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from FSN’s “High School Spotlight”

2011, Boston Marathon, Mutai (KEN) wins his 4th Marathon in the fastest time ever, yet the downhill course negates the world record. Ryan Hall (USA) is 4th in 2:04:58. (Watch the full event at www.UniversalSports.com)

Dangerously funny videos created and produced by Rémi GAILLARD. The show continues on www.nimportequi.com

Check out the top plays from the Nuggets from season 2009 – 2010! I do not claim ownership or makin’ money from this video. All rights reserved by copyright owners.

Whose Next?

This was a really good 1st game for me. I had some really Smoove plays. I’m playing my player on hall of fame difficulty this year. Proof of that is shown in the middle of the video when I get fouled. You see once the ref passes me the ball I only have 5 seconds to shoot the freethrow. That only happens on hall of fame. Last year everyone played on Pro difficulty. It wasn’t possible to change the difficulty in 2K10.

Whose Next?

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