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Award-winning short film with some of the UK’s best parkour and freestyle football talent. Shot on the RED One camera. Break-In was made by a group of filmmakers, traceurs and freestyle football / street soccer players. It is a short viral film that has a similar style to a Nike or Adidas Commercial. Producer/Director: Jon Plant Editor: Aleck Morton Music: Toby Bricheno Director of Photography: Doug Walshe Online Editor: Andrew McKee Parkour Soccer Chase. Freestyle Football Parkour 2011. Free Running Parkour Chase

Extreme sports: “Birdmen” who soar off cliffs in wingsuits; a climber who scales sheer mountain faces without climbing ropes; and divers who swim with Great White sharks. They’re all on 60 Minutes Presents: Going to Extremes, hosted by Steve Kroft.

Mountain climber Alex Honnold seems to defy gravity, scaling sheer, steep rock faces with no rope and apparently no fear. Lara Logan reports.

Will Ferrell shoots his free throws to win the game.

LINK: tinyurl.com Pacquiao vs Bradley Full Fight! pacquiaovsbradleyblog.com King J Says: the fight itself should be pretty decent action wise based on their styles. Bradley is just not a big house name yet so PPV wise it probably will not do as well as Manny’s other big named fights. I think Bradley would have probably won a decision against Khan had they fought right after the Alexander fight. pacquiao vs bradley, manny pacquiao vs timothy bradley, manny pacquiao vs tim bradley, live stream, online stream, fight video, full fight, streaming, free, watch, download, highlights, weigh in, replay, result, boxing, mayweather vs cotto

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