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View more inspirational videos at: godfruits.com Tim Tebow has a remarkable resume. Initially you might be drawn to this ‘Heisman Trophy’ winner’s job as a Quarterback for the Denver Broncos. Yet, If you look a little further, you will discover a story that is much more miraculous. Expected not to survive his birth, he not only survived and thrived, and now he lives to help others. www.youtube.com

The man with a better QB rating than Peyton Manning and More rushing yards than Herschel Walker is drafted by the Denver Broncos

(www.paxstereo.Tv/nunewsportz) Victor Allen’s “Nu New Sportz” is a Feature Segment on “Morning Coffee With Mario” – Live Mon-Wed 10AM: The Brady-Tebow battle went down as expected, but Tim may have had his most impressive QB outing in his attempt to match the offensive scoring weapons of the New England Patriots. The star of the show may have been Patriot tight end/running back Aaron Hernandez. Former Laker Lamar Odom appears to fit in nicely after the first preseason NBA game vs the Oklahoma Thunder. Is Dallas a better fit than LA for the NBA’s 2010 Sixth Man of the Year? We apply one or more categories (BALLIN, UPSET, LETDOWN, WHATEVER, BIG PIMPIN’, FOR THE LADIES) to each topic if applicable. Actress and co-host Suzette Tomlinson joins our sports segment. Let’s do sports! (12-19-11)

Tim Tebow has been asked many Republican candidates to endorse them. Tebow, wisely, has declined to endorse anyone. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian discuss. Watch more Football stories at: www.youtube.com Follow Rick on Twitter: twitter.com Follow Cenk on Twitter: twitter.com Follow Ana on Twitter: twitter.com TYT Sports on Facebook: www.facebook.com

Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher talks with Fox Chicago’s Kerry Sayers on The Final Word after the Bears lost to the Broncos in Denver 12-11-11 (Part 2)

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