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The quarterback competition is fierce in Denver. Who is the safer bet in the future? Were the Broncos close to trading Kyle Orton to Miami? Rick Strom talks with Dave Krieger of the Denver Post. TYT sports on Facebook – www.facebook.com Follow Rick on Twitter – www.twitter.com

Here’s a blast from the past(1984), the famous football routine performed by comedian Bob Nelson for HBO’s 9th Annual Young Comedians Special (1984) .The “College Football All-star Routine” as well as the “Football Guy” trying to do a television commercial for the United Way. zti.me zti.me…

A montage of moments of Tim Tebow, Heisman Trophy-winning football quarterback for the University of Florida Gators. He was the first college football player to both rush and pass for 20 touchdowns in a season and was the first sophomore to win the Heisman. Music: First Breath After Coma, Explosions In The Sky Narration: John Doman Clips courtesy of Youtube user: GatorHE15MAN, CBS Sports, ESPN, Fox Sports Feel free to share this video along with its credits.

Tim Tebow has seemingly tallied another comeback win against the hard nose defense of the Chicago Bears, or was it a series of unexplainable mistakes committed by the Chicago Bears? Lamar Odom is now a Maverick, and Kobe Bryant has expressed his displeasure with the move! Will there be a problem between Kobe Bryant and the Lakers ownership? The Dallas Cowboys suffered another loss, this time to the NY Giants, after leading by 12pts in the fourth quarter with five minutes remaining! What’s up with Dallas Cowboys in the month of December? Can anything positive come out of the Xavier-Cincinnati brawl? We apply one or more categories (BALLIN*UPSET*LETDOWN*WHATEVER*BIG PIMPIN*FOR THE LADIES) to each topic if applicable. Let’s do sports! (12-12-11)

The Best College Football Moments of the 2000 Decade lsu bluegrass miracle 15 laterals game and ohio states big win is 2002 sorry miami it was a flag and many more… 30000 views and climbing thanks for watching guys!! 40000 Dont forget to recommend to your friends 50000 Remember post on facebook and twitter 60000 YEA BOY!! 70000 FTW! 80000 Thanks for the comments and the thumb ups 90000 Thats whats up! 100000 100 Grand Yea BOY!!! 110000 Geaux Tigers 120000 Re-Donk-Ya-LUS 130000 never would have thunk it 140000 Watch my other vid 150000 I SAID WATCH IT!!! 160000 I just don’t know what to say so i will stop VIEWS 10000 * 20000 * 30000 * 40000 * 50000 * 60000 * 70000* 80000* 90000* 100000 * 110000* 120000* 130000* 140000* 150000* 160000* 170000* 200000* 250000* 300000 350000 500000 1000000 1500000 2000000

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