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Watch me on this episode of Fox Sports West’s “Sport Science”! Sport Science did a study to find out if a football hit has as much force as a cheerleader falling from a stunt. The study also used a crash dummy falling from 18 ft. in the air to measure the pressure of a cheerleader falling from the highest performed stunt, a basket toss. The study involved NFL player Hassim Osgood (tackling a crash dummy) vs. me and teammates from the University of California Irvine’s Cheer team. I’m the one being thrown in the air:)

My mother owns this gym and we were recognized on the NCA broadcast on FSN. This is the actual broadcast.

please take a second to LIKE/FAV the video if you are interested in more… follow me on twitter here: twitter.com final score ended 0-0, what did you think of the game? so many people won on the last episode! thanks to everyone who commented though! Rossi doesnt just play fifa…. www.youtube.com FIFA tournaments, to win cash here: www.begosu.com EXTRA TAGS IGNORE PLEASE ๐Ÿ™‚ : Arsenal Aston Villa Blackburn Rovers Bolton Wanderers Chelsea Everton Fulham Liverpool Manchester City Manchester United Newcastle United Norwich City Queens Park Rangers Stoke City Sunderland Swansea City Tottenham Hotspur West Bromwich Albion Wigan Athletic Wolverhampton Wanderers Van Persie Arsenal 15 Rooney Man Utd 12 Aguero Man City 11 Ba Newcastle 11 Dzeko Man City 10 Yakubu Blackburn 9 Adebayor Tottenham 8 Balotelli Man City 8 Sturridge Chelsea 8 Holt Norwich 7Klasnic Bolton 7 Lampard Chelsea 7 Defoe Tottenham 6 Fletcher Wolverhampton 6 Helguson

JP from Tx Tech’s tailgate is big on food, especially their sausage which JP makes a big claim about which is why he thinks he is Bud Light’s Ultimate Tailgater! www.facebook.com

Taylor from Arkansas gets his hogs ready on game day with one crazy, loud tailgate and has 2 things on his mind, which is why he thinks he’s Bud Light’s Ultimate Tailgater. www.facebook.com

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