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Award-winning short film with some of the UK’s best parkour and freestyle football talent. Shot on the RED One camera. Break-In was made by a group of filmmakers, traceurs and freestyle football / street soccer players. It is a short viral film that has a similar style to a Nike or Adidas Commercial. Producer/Director: Jon Plant Editor: Aleck Morton Music: Toby Bricheno Director of Photography: Doug Walshe Online Editor: Andrew McKee Parkour Soccer Chase. Freestyle Football Parkour 2011. Free Running Parkour Chase

A look at the 1080p .h264 Sport Action camera. (Part 2 of 2) Available from here goo.gl For more info & sample clips visit goo.gl

Lots of new toys in terms of camera shots for the FSN crew. I really like the AGH camera slowmo, but it’s causing them to miss a lot of face-offs. Missed faceoffs, random shots to the bench or to a player skating on the ice, the faceoff camera angle at the skate level (this seems like a really weird shot), FSN feed lost temporarily. I admit some of these are nitpicking but some of them are just really bad too. 1. Strange camera angle for the faceoff, all the skates are in the way. 2. AGH cam misses the faceoff, Pens have it in the zone when it jumps back 3. Malkin with the sticker on his butt. 5 seconds of viewing it while the play is still going on. Show this after the whistle since it was funny, but not during the play. 4. Showing Habs coach, miss faceoff. 5. AGH cam, miss faceoff. 6. Showing man in box, miss faceoff. The FSN crew love showing the guy in the box, and I was surprised they didn’t show the random cut to when he jumps back on the ice. 7. Oh awesome. This Day In History is back and ready to miss faceoffs all season long. 8. Goal replays take too long; miss faceoff. 9. This one was strange. Habs player cuts in towards the goal just as the camera guy thinks it’s going around the boards. Bizarre. 10. Random cut to the camera between the benches. Showing players coming off the ice while the play is still going. Miss the too many men as a result. 11. Same faceoff angle. I don’t really like it. All it takes is for the guy’s leg on the boards to block it and you

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