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Documentary that aired on FSN-Detroit the day before the 2006 meeting between the teams. Michigan won the next day, October 7, 31-13.

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This is the beginning of the first ever game in Columbus Blue Jackets history.

Tactical Simulation Evolutions: Blue Line airsoft scenario event . Scenario placed participants on an entry team tasked with conducting a dynamic entry on a location with numerous shoot-no shoot targets. The particpants did not know the layout of the room or what targets they would find inside. A training Noise Flash Distraction Device was deployed during entry. Learn more at www.CORETAC.net.

Classic Game Room reviews the SEGA SPORTS DREAMCAST which sports a matte black finish and Sega Sports logo but is otherwise identical to the standard, more common light grey model. For those looking for a Sega Dreamcast with a different look, black controller and exclusive style comes the Sega Sports Dreamcast. While not rare, prices are typically higher than the standard models but not outrageous like some of the “Special Edition” Dreamcasts. The Sports Edition Dreamcast looks more like a Sega Saturn and may be better suited for equipment racks where other pieces of gear are black in color. This Classic Game Room video review of the Sega Sports Dreamcast features the black Sega Dreamcast videogame console and shows off the system details as well as the matching Sega Sports Dreamcast controller.

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