Did you know that a swimming pool is not only enjoyable to swim and relax in? You can also safely play games with your friends and loved-ones. All you need is a little creativity, pool props (ball, floaters, and rope), and people (including kids) – you’re all set.


Next time you are having a pool party, why not try the following games and see how much fun everyone will have:


  1. My Sweatshirt Is Wet Race – You should have at least 2 sweatshirts and build 2 teams with the same number of participants that are good swimmers. If the team members are children or there is an unequal number of good swimmers, move the race to the shallow and short part of the swimming pool. Assign one sweatshirt for each team.~Have each participant line up.~The sweatshirt must be worn by the leader in the line. On the GO signal, the first player, while wearing the sweatshirt, will swim across the pool and back again. The wet sweatshirt needs to be removed then passed to the next team member who also needs to perform the same routine. This routine goes on until the last team member has swum across the pool and back.
  2. Wrestling Team – A number of teams can be created as long as each team is composed only of 2 players. In the middle of the pool (or at least at a safe distance away from the pool ledge), a team member will sit on the shoulder of the other team member. The objective is to make their opponent lose their balance by ‘wrestling. The winning team is whoever is left standing.
  3. Float and Race – You will need 2 floaters for this game. Two teams with a minimum of 4 members each should be assembled. The team members should be equally divided and instructed to stay at opposite ends of the pool. Kids and adults can form a team, but if this is the case let the kids make the initial attempt. Let’s say one team has four players. Two members each will stay on the opposite side of the pool at the beginning of the race. Team member A will ride the floater and paddle it using their bare hands towards the opposite side of the pool where team member B will then take the place of team member A and paddle back to team member C. All the team members will undergo the same routine. The winning team is the quickest one to finish the race.
  4. Tug-O-Water – You need to supply a good strong rope for this one. The rules are quite simple because you only need to have a knowledge of the Tug-of-War rules with a slight difference where the pool becomes the playing ground. The pool’s shallow end is quite harmless for the children to have a go at this game too. Just be sure that there is enough space between the team members and the pool’s ledge to avoid accidents.
  5. What Did You Say? – Build two teams with as many participants as possible. Choose a single word, write it down on a piece of paper, and show the word to the team leaders making sure they do not tell any of their teammates yet. The team leaders will need to go underwater where they will tell the next person in line what the word is. The word will be continuously passed until the last player is reached, who will be the one to say the word above water.
  6. Hold Your Breath – Two or more people will hold their breath and dive at the same time. Whoever holds their breath underwater for the longest time is declared as the winner.


Having fun and being careful, like making sure that none of the pool or spa chemicals are easily accessible, can equate to an impressive pool party.

The use of pool & spa chemicals to clean and decontaminate swimming pools is a necessity particularly in public swimming pools because of the number of people using the pool the entire day.

After mid day is a good time to be assured that the pool has already been treated with the necessary swimming pool chemicals.

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